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40-49 person  = 129 DKK/person 
50 and above  = 119 DKK/person


  • 5 dishes 
  • Shrimp cracker
  • Chefs who stay with you for 6 hours (3 hours for preparation + 2 hours for serving + 1 hour for cleaning up)
  • Driving fee to all over Zealand

We will drive to your place and prepare all the food in your kitchen. Aroma is the key element of Thai food, so it’s best to serve as freshly-cooked. We will also arrange the serving table and decorate it in a tropical style. All you need to do is providing us a kitchen and all the cutlery for your guests.

We can be with you on every occasion, birthday party, wedding, confirmation, anniversary, company events etc...


How it works

1. First, Fill in a reservation form, telling us when and where should we go, how many people will be in the party etc. and we will contact you back to confirm the date as soon as possible.

2. Pay 50% deposit to hold a booking.

3. The last bill (the rest of the fee) is expected  1 day or last bank day before the event.

4. On the day of the event, we drive to your place 3 hours before the event start, and prepare all the food from scratch. All we need is a kitchen with stove (and oven for some specific menu) and a serving table big enough to put all of the dishes. 

Note: You have to prepare dining table and cutlery for your guests by yourself.

5. Guests come to the event and having a good time. We will standby in the kitchen during this time. You can always call us if you need any help.

6. When guests finished with food, we will clean your kitchen, clear the serving table and put all the left food in takeaway boxes. In total, we will stay with you for about 7 hours.